Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Background Fabric Color

I usually paint on white fabric using pigment ink and sometimes Setacolor paint.  I'm thinking this time I might appreciate a light color of yellow in the background using Dynaflow by Jacquard to " dye" my white fabric.  First I've placed my clean white sheer cotton fabric ( Hoffman PFD #1377)  on my plastic work surface.  I've heavily misted it with clear water, then loosely brushed on Dynaflow in varied directions. This looks really bright but I don't think it will be when dry... If so, I'll do it "another time lighter."

Since I'm not at all interested in creating a perfectly even finish on the surface, I'll even throw on a bit of rock salt hopefully to further mottle the finished surface.     Now to let it air dry!!!!

A couple hours later, all is well and the final thing to do before beginning the rest of the project  is to heat set.  Iron set on dry cotton setting and merely iron it like a shirt .  The reverse side is lighter than the painted side and I just may use that side for the next step.  The modeling is quite satisfactory to my thinking!

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