Monday, November 5, 2012

My Gentle Giant..Ben wins Machine Artistry Award at Houston

I am barely home and in a fog.. the week-long adrenaline shut off and I'm pooped with a major unpacking reorganizing effort in front of me.. But Hey... I'm happy happy as my belief that only BIG QUILTS win BIG PRIZES has been blown. I had as many as five events per day while there.. Don't anyone ask me my name about now... but I am over the moon.  My thanks to Quilts Inc, IQA, and especially Pfaff who sponsored the $5K award.... and as importantly... all who attended this magnificent show.

A complete list of winners including the BEAUTIFUL" America, Let It Shine" Best of Show by Sherry Reynolds can be seen at
It's Breathtaking!!!!

 I'll try to find some pics when I can breathe.... Dear Friend Nancy Chocek just sent me several pics from an Open Studio project where several teachers had 2 hour segments to teach /demo whatever they chose. Brilliant idea of Pokey Bolton... I must thank her.  The Open Studios set up were sponsored by Craftsy, time donated by teachers, and free to show attendees.

Hey Nancy(on the left ) .. "thanks for sending one of the Open Studio pics where my mouth wasn't wide open."   Gotta laugh!

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