Monday, November 26, 2012

Starting The Cruise

I'm happy to be back in my studio and painting....   so here goes with the Road To Panama Cruise class project. After placing my PFD fabric atop the black and white enlarged drawing,  I  blocked in yellow ink into the Panama letters.... I have left some areas unpainted as white areas within the yellow letters will become an extension of  fluffy white clouds that will appear in a blue sky. The black shadows around letters were added with markers once the yellow was dry or I would have had black blooms into wet yellow areas.
Next I used a dry brush approach to add sky blue background, then some palm frons and coconuts, and the PANAMA hat atop the"M". I know I'll need one more smaller palm tree for design balance.  I'm already NOT fond of the palm crossing over the top of the P.  I definitely should have followed my instinct to position it behind the P.  I'll correct that later when all is dry.

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