Sunday, November 18, 2012

Planning The Road To Panama

A few of you might remember the Bob Hope, Bing Crosby Films of yesteryear... The Road To Zanzibar, etc etc.  Well, in conjunction with the World of Quilts Travel Panama Canal Cruise of 2014, the owner of the Road To California Quilt Show is participating in the cruise event.  To me, that called for a Road To Panama class so it's in the works.  I am envisioning wall quilt art that takes on a vintage  postcard feel...  I first drew out  4 LARGE Block letters  on 1/4 scale graph paper. P A N M is all I needed. I then copied, printed, then cut out one P, one N, one M followed by 3As.
This allowed me to easily lay out a curved/overlap of letters as seen below... ( those teenage years of doing paste up ads for a throwaway newspaper came in handy)
I've added a few other design elements  plus have some other things in my head to use painting to tie many of these separate parts together.  So I am off again to the printer for a printed image the size I want.  After that, I can begin the painting dance!!!


Amy Art Quilter & Fyber Cafe said...

are you going to put a sunset behind the ship? or blue sky? Are you leaving the bottom squares open for photographs or are you going to paint something in them? I like watching your design processes. Thanks for a great blog.

Patt Blair said...

Hi Amy... I will use a light blue w/ white cloud sky and hot yellow in the letters though I will be inferring the cloud mass into edges of some letters ( it just helps tie things toether) I will in this samplebe painting the open squares at the bottom as optional quilt squares but you are quite right that I would love fior "cruising quilters" to instead print trip photos and insert them in the block areas. Thats one of the reasons you don't see any drawn blocks in the photo. I will have printed block drawings that can be chosen/added as desired.

Thanks for the questions... I'll be posting as I can... The holidays got in my way!!! Patt