Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blue Sky.. Smilin' at me!!!

Who sang that song anyway??  I admit as I begin this... I know I wasn't thinking about quilting when I decided to paint a floating in the air set of words. Quilting around and seemingly 'behind' letters will have lots of starts and stops... but dang.... it seems the right thing to suggest so we'll do it.   Quilting air is to me much like quilting the flow of water.... I like slow slightly irregular echoed curves. How to start..?   I usually will draw ONE beginning line with a marking pencil.  In this case with a FRIXION pen which looks a little like I drew with a ball point but I will iron the line later and IT WILL disappear completely.

Look at the darker drawn quilt line just below the M and almost equidistant between the bottom of letters and  the nose of the ship. ( Click on photos for closeup).  Ironing out will come.
Once the first line is stitched... the next line plays off the first... the third off the second, and so on occasionally introducing new variations as I go.  A good while at this and the blue sky is done.
There ARE some large areas of white/near white clouds. Something will need be done where larger open spaces exist.

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