Friday, January 18, 2013

New Experiment... Rubbing Plate Art

I so enjoy embellishing my art pieces using textured objects in design of the textile surface.  I decided I would like to try a project exclusively using rubbing plates,  rubber and cling stamps and see how it all turns out.  I envision a mostly monochromatic piece of a flying creature.  I'm going to do 3 mini quilts but am beginning with a dragonfly. So here we go.  I'm working on a base of a soft light value green fabric. I've quartiles this piece from my stash so I can do 3 pieces the same size.
I've chosen a Roylco set of rubbing plates and am using this one for this piece.

I place the rubbing plate( rough side up)  on my work surface and tape it at 2 corners to avoid movement.

The fabric goes on top right side up,  is centered over the rubbing plate, and taped  at corners to minimize movement.
To create this initial rubbing, I use a brush tip fantastic ( by Tsukineko) and Tsukineko bottled ink into which the fantastic has been dipped and tested on a piece of scrap fabric.  You don't want the Fantastix saturated for this effort.  Rub  the brush tip on scrap to get it approaching dry brush state.  Then holding the edge of the plate through the fabric, brush the fantastic applicator horizontally across the rough part of the rubbing plate covered with fabric.
From this you get a fossil-like image we will later embellish with markers and other inks.
This is just the beginning so hang on.

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Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

I so appreciate your process posts, I learn so much. Thanks! I can hardly wait to see where this is going.