Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quilt Children Return Home

Yes. This sounds silly, I know.... but several of my quilts that have been traveling for anywhere from a year to 4 years have come home to me.  The youngest of these was traveling with Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine as they set up from show to show throughout the U.S.   They asked me to represent the Winter season.... thus this 18 x24" quilt honoring the arctic fox.

As long as I was in to blue and white...another group ( The Noble Seasons Artists) finished off a four year exhibition series also with Winter.... this piece titled The Long Winter Veil... (created for 2012 travel) represents how I feel about the winters in the mountains where I live.  They are LONG... and exceptionally cold.  Poor snow bunting bird.  This quilt is  actually a pretty good size despite it's image here  ( about 36" wide).This honestly is one of my favorite all time pieces of mine...probably because the subject is pretty personal.  I'm cold right now. 
Click on photos for detail view. 

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Laura T said...

I love the eyes of the bird. You can just feel the bird huddling inside of himself trying to keep warm.