Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stamps are artists friends!

To surround the dragonfly with greenery I'll be using several types of stamps... on the left gel stamp pieces intended ( as a traditional positive image stamp)  to be affixed to a hard piece of acrylic, plus a foam backed stamp( by Clings)  also intended as a traditional stamp

The back of the Clings stamp is rubber.  I am choosing stamps that have strong images, in this case meaning not a large area of stamp surface for any given area of an image. The more obvious detail you can see on a dry stamp, the more detail will appear in the rubbing.
This is a piece of rubber stamping material with NO mounting plan at all. In fact, this stamp was found with soap making materials intended to be pressed into soap bars before they dry. Unmounted rubber pieces work great for this project.
And lastly, I gathered some flourished gel stamps I might use to add an element of fancy to the intended piece.  I am just beginning with these ideas... Who knows where the journey will lead.

Now to get ready to to rub!!

I'm starting to like this evolving image.  I'm essentially rubbing across stamp surfaces the same as I did on the rubbing plates... I used bottled Tsukineko Ink , semi dry brush and rubbed across fabric surface with the stamp surface directly beneath the fabric.  I'm going to add some additional foliage on the upper outer border areas too. In this picture, you also see a Fabrico  fabric ink marker by Tsukineko. I  used the marker to darken some of the tips of flourish images.
I started playing with added color on the dragonfly.
I  finally chose to use additional markers ( blue green, purple, rust) to intensify the central dragonfly image and some lemon yellow bottled in on the wings.
One insect down...two to go.

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