Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Surf, Sand, and Signing

A simple horizontal meandering fill pattern works fine for the still waters. Click on photos for more detailed view.
The far away waters were a serene blue and I matched thread to it, while the closer waters have a blue green tint thus I transitioned to that color scheme as I got closer to the edge of the water. Same color/value threads sink into the background and pretty much disappear.
The sand just needed to be secured in a nondescript pattern different than the water. I used a curvy back and forth fill pattern that went fast!  A medium to light yellow and almost cream variegated gave it a little interest. Variations often help an otherwise nothingness area (I didn't want to call the sand boring.)

and finally the sign off!!! I drew 2 horizontal lines ( the height of the letters)  with a wash out blue marker. 40 wt thread on the machine. Each word (name) written forward, then reverse traced backward to give better weight and make minor corrections.  Wet the marking lines and it's done.
Now to finish the border and bind. 

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