Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quilting My Asian Inspired Collage

I created 2  collaged tops 2 weeks back so I need to get to quilting.  Remember this Asian Design from earlier posts?

Click Here  to go to initial surface design post.
 Some papers attach ( matte medium glue) better than others.... This strip of gold paper seemed a bit stiff and bumpy so I decided to stitch it down as I didn't want it to draw the eye on the finished piece.
 The background fabric is also there only to suppot the added images... That said, again I didn't want to draw attention to the quilting patterns on the background so I used a nondescript  small meander.
 I did echo quilt around  the stamped coins as they are fairly small and needed a little extra showcasing.
The soft textile between the paper strips seems a nice texture change but did need a wee bit of securing.

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