Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ruby Santa ... oh so red and fun

 A note from Arizona's Ruby Koch.. THANK YOU RUBY... you know I love to brag about students work.  This is a REALLY fun piece!!!

"Hi Patt: I finished my Santa from the class you taught for AQG when you were in Phoenix.  I love him and everyone else does too.  I put a little glitter on his cap, tassle and cuffs to set him apart from the beard.  It was a learning experience to quilt him (I got a little carried away with dark, medium and light thread- the painter in me I suppose)  I couldn't face the task of inking a background and I just happened to have that piece of red background in my stash.  

                                         Click on photos for enlarged view. 
                                         Close up view... great stitching detail  
                     Overall View... I LOVE Ruby's choice of background fabric.

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