Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Day Between

'Arrived in Fresno, Ca area thursday night for a lecture, went to my hosts home late at light, and Friday I awakened to this unbelievable view of paradise outside my bedroom window. Enormous Oaks had been there a very long time.   Such a beautiful and well maintained home of my new friends... Ann, Nat and Pip.... a 9 mos. old border collie.( I already miss you Pip)
I had a day between the lecture and the workshop so hostess Ann, friend Carol, and I headed for a quilt show and stopped  for lunch in the small town of Exeter .  This charming town has local history painted murals on the sides town buildings. A central map (also a mural) tells you each mural location as well as the artist.
Here are but a view murals.... first the exquisite California poppies of Spring.

Beautifully maintained citrus groves... The San Joaquin Valley feeds much of the USA.

All murals relate to local experience present and past...Here honoring  past workers in the packing industry.
As we headed to the car... i spotted these rose blooms almost 8 inches width. So beautiful.
Exeter painted these murals to promote local business. It apparently worked... we stopped for l a lovely outdoor lunch!!!

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