Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Workshop Fun

This Mixed Media Class was SJVQG's choice so away we go...   I brought a ton of stuff for student use.  Of course I brought the fabric you saw being created a couple posts back... plus specialty papers...
Printed napkins and kleenex .. students used some and donated as well... I think I came home with more than I took. ;-)

plus.....  tissues ( actually skin blotting tissue)  with pigment ink pre stamped images.
Students selected from amongst all of these, brought things of their own as well.... to create mixed media collage atop fabric.   Here are a few snapshots of both maker and quilts in progress.   GREAT people... and soooo  many options on mixed media these days.  One can't know it all or limit the possibilities.  Images were applied permanently to fabric using matt medium.

Getting things dry sometimes takes a good amount of thought... or NOT!
;-)   Such fun!!!!

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