Monday, July 1, 2013

Trudy's Purple Santa

Okay... How fun is this...?   Flying Geese Quilt Guild Class student Trudy painted this Santa and stepped way outside the box to do it.  WHY limit Santa to either a red suit or ( as often seen in Europeon images) a blue one?   Trudy is one happy lady who saw Santa in a whole new light.  While the photo received didn't show all the border fabric.. I thought her border fabric choice was fun too so let what I got stay in frame and be seen.  Go Trudy!

 I love her words accompanying the photo she sent ...

 Thank you for this class in fabric painting. Very enjoyable. 
 Here is my happiest Santa ever, dressed up and ready to sew. 
 In the infamous words Ho Ho Ho here is Shhhhh Elves Working. 
 Trudy Teshima

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