Saturday, July 20, 2013

Father Christmas Emerging

Uploading in Mexico is competitive... at least where I am at...   it must be a small data pipe we all are sharing at this resort. Early early morning is best to get pics uploaded. Finally an update to the project.  After the face, I'll move on to the beard and hat.  I'm using mostly a medium value gray/blue
 ( Tsukineko ink #58 Sky Mist)  and a drybrush gray  for his beard. Where darker darks are needed... e.g.... top of that hat brim... I chose a midnight blue #62.
I'm blocking in value on the christmas tree... first a fabrico marker in  mid value green, followed by a darker green(#194), and a bit of shadowing with bottled inks #58, #81.
The real fun begins adding images on Santas clothing... beginning here with his hat. I plan to use a rubber stamp as a rubbing plate of sorts. I'll place the stamp (rubber side up) underneath the fabric  then use a dry brush fantastix of #58 to rub with..
This produces an instant drawing, that is somewhat out of focus...
I'll use other inks to add interest to color the holly, add holly berries etc.  I'll likely darken these later, but you get the idea.


Laura T said...

Hi Patt,

Will you have a pattern for the santa?
I love this santa:-)

Patt Blair said...

Hi Laura... I likely will but have the drawing in a beta mode.... asI work on a second piece... i find some things I will change. stay tuned... and thanks patt