Sunday, July 28, 2013

It Was a Cold Dark Night

Starting on the background, I came first to the foreground with an icy blue added just under the edge of his coat. No. 19 is electric and the perfect choice in my book.  I snuck in a wee bit of #58 sky mist too.

As I start working with the darker background ( I like #93 Blue Bayou) I saved a few circled areas as if  for large snow drops.  Not too many... just a few as you'll see. I used a dark blue ( #162)  Fabrico marker to outline directly adjacent to the white coat... then the fantastix and no 93 bottlled ink near  the coat.
As I got a couple inches away from the white coat, I used a paint brush of mixed ink ( #93) with Folk Art Floating Medium  found (near acrylic paints.. usually bottom shelf) at Micheals.  I've been getting good feedback on this product but know that with a medium, the wet ink can still bleed which is why I used a fantastic with straight ink directly adjacent to Santa.  I felt I had better control this way. 
Now to get this 100% dry( a hair dryer is your friend) before  the final step of adding snowflake rubbings. 

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