Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Simplest and Favorite Lehman Trick

Libby Lehman is fighting her way back to a new health. Go Libby.  I think of Libby often... She's soooo smart about sewing machines and what works.  Though I am known as an art quilter, I do for fun with friends do more traditional work.... and thats where Libby's machine tips come in extra handy.

Before any blanket stitch is machine done or finished.... I do a forward and reverse straight line stitch and mentally thank Libby EVERY time.  This method eliminates those over time loose ends on a blanket stitch  DUH!!!!  Why didn't I think of that on my own???  It seems so simple.

 LIBBY... you are genius!!!

I'll be working upside down on the tail of this fused kitty.  First a forward and reversed straight stitch at the edge of the fused fabric.  I will then reset my machine to a blanket stitch and make sure the needle position aligns with the just completed straight stitch.
Then the blanket stitch all the way around to the other side of his little green tail. I now change the stitch to a straight stitch position at the same point I finished the blanket stitching.
And again a forward and reverse straight stitch to lock stitches in ..

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Laura T said...

Wow, love this tip! I had not thought of this as well. Thanks for the tip with a thanks to Libby!