Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Class in Time for a Special Christmas Gift

About a year back I created a special Father Christmas piece for a friend.  I've had so much positive feedback on this image, I am teaching a class at Orange Quilt Bee on October 12th.  Therefore, on my vacation, I am creating a new sample and will show the process here.   AS usual.. I begin with a line drawing printed on paper laid underneath my sheer white cotton. A simple outline of the upper eyelid , the nostrils, and edge of the nose. The black of the hair dryer is their on the left as a reminder that I must get the outlines "dry" before adding the skin tone ink.

Closeup below.. EEK no eyes!
Eyes in..Light blue in center, outer edges darker blue, black iris, white highlight! Not so creepy now.

I need to add contour so first used a dry brush sand color to add depth.

An addition of ever so subtle dry brush rose pink to the cheeks is helpful too. Yep... this guy is pretty pudgy.. but he's Santa after all. 

The addition of red lips and now we are on to something.  

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Theresa said...

Sweet! I love your techniques. Thanks for sharing!!!