Saturday, July 27, 2013

Filling Santas Bag and Decorating His Coat

Now it's a matter of putting whatever you want in delivery pouch...  I did base painting of the teddy bear, marker work,  and dry brush  rubbings much like the previous posting. When the teddy is fully dry, I will add shading, painted neck bow, eyes, etc.... some greenery around teddy, etc. so the bag looks FULL.

Then some of the pen and ink drawings I previously gathered from old english  settings, will be placed underneath my white fabric coat and traced with a fine tip micron pen. I placed the drawing atop here after I had already inked the tracing. I will add limited color to these drawings as things progress. I want the old world feel of the sketch to remain.

I'm laying various stamps around as possible choices for the rest of his coat.
I will do dry brush rubbings followed by inking for color.
Some color on the pen drawings.. Less is more.. let the sketch-like drawing be seen.

 A rubbing in sky mist blue.. plus a bit of color. Sorry a bit fuzzy... 
After each of the elements are added... a wee bit of soft sky mist blue is placed here and there around the element to represent the cold of the season.
The additions can be whatever you feel like.  I just thought this dress form was fun.
 An old fashioned sewing machine... first rubbed, then colored as well... plus a little holly added to keep the machine base from floating in thin air
Now Santa is starting to look like something fun. Time to get ready for a background of snow and dark cold. 

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