Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Embroidery Threader par none

 This is a 'rotational basket pass project from my Wanabe's friendship group. Each year in January, each member ( there are 12) start a project for which  month by month each other member participates.  This group has been around for 25 years.. lots of talent here.  When I started quilting , this group allowed me to join in 2001 and WOW... with this project method alone, I learned much, fast.

This kind of work is not my usual but I enjoyed  this wool embroidery project which would have been far less enjoyable without yet another great gadget:  The Embroidery Threader by Clover. It wasn't cheap (over $9 in a small resort town.. hopefully less elsewhere.)  but worth it for sure if you do much embroidery using heavier threads.

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