Thursday, February 6, 2014

My BIG Quilting Challenge

Alright... I won't be showing you every aspect of quilting this piece as I need private time to weep and figure out my path. ( A small laugh here but VERY small)   I am working on a special digital piece with a great deal of 'fractured light' which creates a large number of quilting 'pockets'.. ie starts and stops plus mind boggling challenges on how to quilt.. especially since I'm working on a soft silk!  YES... I know I teach the Art of Quilting, so one might say this should be a snap. HA!  There are so many things to consider in this piece that I now wish I had brought with me some of that homemade rasberry liquor to settle my nerves.  I'm kidding.... a little!  

This is definitely a quilt from the middle out piece.  This is a large animal moving across a night sky. What you see here is a already couple days of slow work.  That to say you won't see the finished piece in this series of postings.   This side of the animals face was easier to figure out than the left side which is a good bit different.
That side of the mane without side light as shown above brought a different challenge... again several days of slow quilting on the left side of his mane.  There is different lighting here so one might better see the quilting patterns starting to develop.  The true colors match the above piece.
If I live long enough to finish him, I think at least the central image will be an attention getter. 

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