Friday, February 28, 2014

Quilted Silk Giclee

Earlier posts addressed my 4Q 2013  oil painting on canvas of a regal red lion. I loved the result which was targeted for anothers ownership. but  since I own the rights to the image, I decided to experiment with having Studio West ( a fine art printer) in Anthem Arizona, to put smaller  12" x 12" images on both cotton and then silk.  Earlier this year I posted a quilted cotton giclee. Now...FINALLY, I have quilted the  silk version. I love the look of silk anyway you can get it, but definitely when quilted.  First a small  quilted comparison of the same area within the piece (both  photos taken at the same time under the same light )  .. first on cotton, then silk.   Both are photographed here under strong light  which slightly overpowered the actual color intensity but know the color richness on both unquilted giclee is equally rich.
silk wins for sheen

This one is ready to travel with me to my teaching session III class at Empty Spools Seminars (Mar 14-19).The photo areas shown above are the upper right corners of each quilt.
                                           (c) copywritten image
I very much enjoy documenting quilts on a label originally generated in powerpoint. I save a soft copy of each result in my  Mac folder called  just "labels."
          This is added after quilting... in this case because this is a small piece ( not a good plan for a larger quilt) ... I added a second backing on which I could before attaching it to the back, machine stitch the label.  Finally I machine stitched the backing to the very outer quilt edge.
Double click on image for a enlarged view,

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Robbie said...

Amazing piece of the silk/FMQ piece as well.