Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prepping a Silk Sandwich

I will be quilting a silk piece so before I begin, I am choosing to use small pieces of  "Misty Fuse' to fuse the silk top to the batting as well as the backing.   (  WHY Misty Fuse?.... Pins on the lightweight silk would be a problem and I dislike pins anyway.   Temp spray and lightweight silk don't seem to love each other either. ) This is a slow process but in my view worth it.  I worked from the middle of the quilt piece outward about 6 inches at a time.
Prepare and place pieces of Misty Fuse on the batting..  bring the fabric atop batting and fuse.  ( you are seeing the backing here being fused to the black batting)

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Robbie said...

Good tip! I have used leftover pieces of Misty Fuse for sandwiching and it does work, I'm a "waste not, want not"kind of gal! Thanks for sharing the tip.