Saturday, May 24, 2014

At the Heart of Hearts

At the center of this piece is a large heart broken into parts by the radiating lines extending to the quilt edges.   This part was a journey on what to do. Pics below address the path taken.
Two things came into play here as shown below.
 1) When the fabric itself suggests a quilt line... I often use it.... in this case the curvy yellow lines in the lighter yellow/orange fabric. Just go with it!
2) When possible, I will 'visually' tie elements together is some slight way.  There are polka dots on the adjacent pink fabric so I drew a few circles on the more plain orange strips, and quilting them in hot pink thread, thus pulling both color and shapes into neighboring areas.
The  orange strips called for more quilting so a bubble fill in matching orange thread seemed to work.

 Following the 'tie elements together when warranted idea, I carried the same  curved stitch and bubble fill patterning I used in the 'orange' side of this heart into the pink side.
 Now to iron out the Frixion pen marks.  Click on photo/s for enlarged view.

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