Sunday, May 4, 2014

Inspirations of Cartegena

Well.. I was a bit concerned early on about visiting anywhere in Colombia because of the history of crime there... but not so in beautiful Cartegena.  "One dollar" bought me a photo op of this beautiful young woman.
The streets of Old Town are both clean and picturesque.  This sidewalk cafe might someday appear in a painting.  The teal tablecloth against the red brick color building create much 'energy' / interest.
Vines decorating buildings are old and enormous.
An interesting but uncomfortable visit to a place of imprisonment during the spanish inquisition. Not to be catholic brought torture to even Christians of other denominations. The  exterior walls themselves were a fascination to me but I'll skip photos of the interior means of torture.
Fascinating learning...   low income people pay no taxes.... higher earning people ( eg. over $50K annual US equivalent and multiple property owners ) do!   We visited 2 textile shops... truely lovely specialty fabrics but very little algodon...( cotton ) of interest to American quilters on this tour.  We are lucky to have such lovely fabrics available to us in the U S.     Right now though.. I'm sorry I didn't buy some of the heavier woven silks in Cartegena. :-(

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