Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time To Quilt My Inspired By Libby Quilt

Some may recall seeing a design series of posts in February. It is for this quilt seen below and ultimately had minor changes before piecing and fusing was complete.  This piece is for an exhibit/auction by several known art quilters... Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, Cindy Needham, etc etc etc.
The top was complete 2 mos ago but I have been so embroiled in multiple other projects, contracts, etc, I am only now getting it quilted. It is due mid June. EEK.. get with it Patt.
Pinned and ready to go... first some monofilament securing of elements above the green 'hills.' ...
Then a fire-like red/orange thread pattern for the hot SUN.
Now to begin quilting some of the varied fabric elements sitting 'behind hearts. Simple bubble fill seems to work around the medium sized polka dots.
Sometimes the fabric itself directs the quilt line used. Why not?  I'm using a variegated purple thread merely because it is near purple polka dots and seems to work.
It is amazing what simple quilting can do to enhance the look of fabric. 
This will take a while as there is another similar section. Straight line free motion takes time if your goal is accuracy. Go slow if need be. I do.

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