Thursday, May 29, 2014

Smaller Hearts... A Simple Fill

There is plenty of  quilting in background areas so I needn't go nuts in these 8 smaller hearts ( only one shown here) . I did simple work inside each small heart thus allowing the layered battings ( wool batting atop cotton) to do a nice puff job. The wool layer was added totally for surface loft, and the cotton layer behind it offers weight to improve how the  overall piece hangs.
Out with the Frixion pen drawing a meandering trail around 'dots.
Follow the markings, erase ( heat w/ iron) the markings,  and tada.
A couple more hearts and we can move on to the last area 'below' the hills.
If you've been reading along posts, you may recall this piece is being created for part of the "Inspired By Libby" (Lehman) Collection/Auction, and exhibit planned for later this year. I'll share the details when "I know them!"  But I do know I'm truly enjoying this piece and will have a tough time parting with it. But it IS for Libby!  She has some monster medical bills and we'd like to help!  Save your moolah... There are 40+ well known national and international artists creating pieces for  the
Inspired By Libby auction.

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