Thursday, December 18, 2014

Finish Up Face and Paws

On those areas reflecting a more white area, I've changed thread to a warm but near white cream. You can really see the flecks of red/black on the previously quilted area. I found these flecks of color interesting. It's German made  40 wt. Madiera Rayon Col. 2302.  Click on photo for enlarged view.
The white/ cream  thread added on this paw. It adds to the feeling of soft fur.

I finally decided to straight stitch the snout area flat...  stopping at the top of the nose.  I have left the eye balls, nose and the whisker area to the lower right and left of the nose... UNquilted which pushes those areas slightly forward and adds dimension. I like this but will let it 'jell' for a while to be certain I am done.
I noted earlier I am quilting this on the road so will wait til home to block and trim... Then... it goes to it's owner: Jan Stewart. I'll have trouble parting with this guy!  We've become close.