Friday, December 19, 2014


At 10 a.m.  today.. it's the annual Christmas party with Friendship Group "The Wanabes"!  The Wanabe Quilters to be specific ... but since they have been together for 25 years....  they are no longer Wanabes but rather ARE  exceptional QUILTERS. I was lucky to join the group a bit over 10 years ago...   Blessed me!... to enter the quilt world with such experts all around me. I learned alot fast. No slackers in this group!!!  :-)

One of the fun things we did this year (a voluntary project in addition to regular basket pass projects)  has been individual interpretation of the "Christmas Album" pattern available still today through Quilters Newsletter (quilters It's fun.   There will be others finished in the next few months...   but Here's Carol Pankow's version where she added borders to make it a gifted full sized bed quilt rather than  pattern-sized wall quilt.
Phyllis Reddish always thinks out of the box and creates challenging and beautiful work.  She worked a miniature black and white abstract grid background which reads as grey from a distance.  Yet to add:  Christmas sweaters on the border. Phyllis dressed her gingerbread cookies, made cold blue snow trees,  and made licorice and peppermint candy canes. Too cute!
 I was thinking Christmas Candy when I created mine on a soft green polka dot on white background.  This was such fun.... I'd love to create a miniature of something like this.

and finally..
the best part of the day.... I get to present my secret  pal with this gift. Merry Christmas Carol Lundquist. It's 60 x 60 inches using an antiigue linen atop antique gold drapery fabric. We have the name of our secret pal for a full year.... enough time to change our plans multiple times.. but this year, I knew immediately what I wanted to do and stuck to it.  This can be used as either a wall quilt or table cover.

The quilting of the linen began earlier   Click here to see the start.
Click here to see progression.
Click here to see feathered border.
Click here to see the overall progress.

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