Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Red Lions Path

Usually when I am creating something original, I will post progress. The Red Lion was an exception as last Christmas he was being created for a gift... so the only time he appeared on  line was the finished project... after Christmas giving.   So now I thought, I could share the path. I began with a sketched drawing using a dark red colored Conte chalk stick.  I'm working here with the new water thinable oil paints. LOVE THEM!!!!!   This piece was painted over several days allowing my eyes to 'rest'  after each session and gain new perspective painting with 'fresh' eyes.
Since oils can be opaque, I can begin by blocking in the background of red and black.   I want a dramatic lion portrait. A few critical darks on his image added.
Click on photo for enlarged view.
Then, the beginnings of the eye helps me connect with the animal. He starts to live! 
Then some blocked in golden yellow
Now adding further dimension/color variation. I am purposely going for the 'bad hair day look. 
Some white added for highlights, movement, and contrast
and finally bits of red and more darks added in his mane and face.
I don't enjoy painting animals that look fierce so I am always looking on ways to create a calmer, maybe even stoic (?sp)  look. 
The original  oil painting hangs in a private office in Anaheim Hills, Ca though I have had  small giclees on fabric made for quilting. Printing on fabric done by Studio West of Anthem, AZ. They matched the richness of the oil painting on both cotton and silk. Incredible!! Google them and check them out.  

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Robbie said...

Amazing!!!! Can't wait to see this on your fabric quilted!!!