Monday, December 1, 2014

Trying a New to Me Metallic

The Wonderfil people gave me a sample of their threads ( I already use and love  their 100 wt. matt finish Invisafil). When I saw they included a beautiful silver metallic, I thought I'd appreciate its beauty but not likely use it in a quilt.  I'm routinely saying...I'm not a metallic person."  But when I got home from Houston and began quilting a mini Father Christmas  that had an icy blue border, I thought I might give the metallic try. I'm glad I did.  It was surprisingly easy to quilt with though I admit I quilt with metallics very slow. I always fear breaking a thread... but didn't here.
It has a bright sparkle.  
I was even able  to use a smaller needle ( I began with a 70/10) without a break but to be safe, changed to a 90/14 ) 
 My favorite part of quilting a piece is the finish... signing my name... because it means "I'm Done."
I quilt my name forward, then backtrack for a more readable text.  The metallic performed just fine. YEAH!

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