Friday, December 26, 2014

SECRET Pal Presents from Wanabes PARTAAAY

The Queen of Applique( Carol Brodie (R) presents Laurie an exceptionally beautiful quilt!
"What Quilters Really Think" From Laurie Lyon(L)  to Mary Lou Ripper
Mary Lou presented Janmarie Halliday(L) with this beauty. 
What to give one who has everything? Janmarie stitched a formal sketch of (R)Nancy Kastners house, then added zentangle landscaping.  Very Cool!!! 
a partial view  ( click on photo to enlarge) 

Nancy(R) gave Wool lover friend Hilary a framed wool applique
Hilary (L) gave Carl Culbert a wool table runner  plus another piece I failed to photograph.ARGH!
Carol Culbert (R) presented Carol Pankow a gift.
A wooly project of Halloween applique 

Phyllis Reddish (L)  received 2 things from Karon Cornell... a framed Giclee of Karons original oil work.         TALENT!!!!!! 
 and a very classy quilted and bedazzled panel ... It's  Phyllis' kind of asthetic (?sp) Click on photo for enlarged view.

Oddly..Phyllis had Karon's name 2 years running....   so made a very cool quilt carryall
 and a pillow to match the quilt she received last Christmas. Lucky Karon....

 I didn't photograph my gift giving... but it was posted last Friday anyway... and I received 2 beautiful neck scarves AND a full sized crocheted afhgan just perfect for our cold mountains. Love it!!!  Local Quilters wish they could be in our group just for the Christmas Party.  It's fun!!!       MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!!

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