Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boxing her in!

First... I've been embroiled in tax prep for days so I haven't been quilting... ARGH. Appointment was today so we'll see what happens. The REAL message today is just like we sometimes buy fabric we love with no immediate plan for use.. the same is true for thread. Ages ago I bought an interesting Madeira thread with an occasional 1 or 2 cm change in fact with the color changes themselves varying . Who knew this white thread with a periodic flicker of other colors would be perfect for the end of a somewhat worn cardboard box.

The thread colors albeit simple value/color... work great for 'the box'.

You may have noted the top white end of the box is slightly more heavily quilted than the golden side. It was by design to 'stretch out/flaten the top of the box which is directly above the little girls heavily quilted hair. The hair quilting created some minor surface distortion (gathering/puckering). My heavily quilting the box top literally PULLED things back into place. I steam and heat set a bit too. Oh the joys of tug of war. This time, I won.

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