Thursday, March 11, 2010

Semi Transparency in thread

Sort of by a lazy accident a couple projects back, I discovered a good way to keep some images like would-be text or the like less prominent... thus retaining more of a watercolor softness or what long ago painting teacher Robert E Wood would call in and out of focus. Sometimes having 'everything' in clear focus is neither necessary or helpful to the central focus of the piece. So.... when quilting a mostly white area of this box, I'd chosen a 40 wt mostly white thread with which to quilt. The to be quilted area contained some darker box bar codes and text which one might think they needed to refine with darker thread.
But, when the entire area was quilted with the 40 wt. thread, the overall effect was merely a softened area of bar codes and text.
IF.. in ones work, the text, etc was important to the message of the image, one would emphasize it. It just isn't here, so I've decided to leave as is.

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