Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let There Be Light

Side tracked from quilting for a bit.... The message of the day.... If you have coveted something for over a year, it's now on sale, and you can possibly afford it.... IT's TIME!!! I own a light box, but have wanted a large one for years. Last weekend, The Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, Ca had a 25% off on everything sale.... this beautifully made almost $200 light box was $146.00 and became mine. The lighted surface on this the manufacturers medium size is 15"W x 24"L. It has 2 flourescents inside and lights beautifully... even through pretty thick art paper so I know it will work well with lighter valued fabrics for sure. It is sweet! Now.. I must put it to use...
Click on photo for closeup view of specs:

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