Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sometimes.. Change is Good

I am still working in an area of debris lying haphazardly on dirt. Remember, I'm doing this piece from a photo I took last summer in Ecuador. Some things, I know what they are.. example a deteriorating banana stalk, what we would call lima beans, string beans, corn husks etc. Other things, I'm less sure. In any event, I've quilted parts of things I know what they are using textures that seemed to fit. Many of these are quilted in a more linear pattern. So for those things I wasn't sure of, things I 'think' were either paper or colorful plastic bags, I decided we needed a change of pace... so I chose small circular motion which softens the overall effect.
Here I 'think' this was plastic bag trash....

Overall... it's looking okay for trash!!!!!

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