Monday, March 15, 2010

Great weekend with family and art

Pastel portrait Class No. 2
( note: I still prefer inks... :-)
Well, I'm learning about different papers and about this soft chalk pastel medium. The frst thing I learned was that the paper on the supply list was really for oil pastels ( very different medium) and not designed for soft pastels we are using. I was ready to throw out the beginning draft from last week, but learned one could use the rougher textured paper and 'build up' to achieve smoothness. This means more chalk used and dang... soft pastels are pricey... but I kept going and am liking my portrait of grandson Max a bit better. The rest of the weekend was grandaughter Morgan baking with Grandpa... sweet!

and birthday kids Cade and Riley at my sisters house.
Then there is Cooper... definitely Elvis eyes....
And the youngest, Coopers baby brother Wyatt enjoying a nap in the backyard swing. You will notice the patriotic quilt, made and quilted by my fire captain brother-inlaw. Very Cool! The women at my local guild got very excited when they saw and heard a fire captain made this. Is he single, they asked. "He's my BROTHER-IN-LAW," I repeated.
You may have noted the boys named Cade, Cooper, Wyatt...Surely they will play cowboys at the OK Corral someday. Our family originates from Oklahoma. I even spent my early years living in a house built by Frank James.. you know... Jesse's brother.

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