Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here comes trouble

The was a line in an old song of the 60s that sounded like " here it comes loop de loop..." or something like that anyway. One thing that can cause top thread looping in your free motion quilting is a thread wrapped around the needle. Only the thread devil knows why this happens sometimes as we 'think' we've been careful about threading. Yesterday, the big loop de loop was repeating itself every so often.... I checked tension, then bobbin, ultimately to see the twist on the needle shaft. RATS! .

Okay... so rethread and go.
All was well.... (after the ripping out and restarting)

Totally unrelated and speaking again of RATS! Today I had my car serviced... there atop my car battery was a lovely 'rats nest' made of attic insulation that appears to have come from our mountain home. My hubby has been so proud of himself that the mountain critters ( rats/ mice) were no longer invading our attic. I can't wait to tell him it's because they relocated to my car. There are ups and downs to living in the forest.

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