Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sometimes... We don't need to know!!!

When I snapped a reference photo last summer in the open market in Quito Ecuador, I knew immediately this quilt would be made. I was captivated by a young girl seated in an empty fruit carton, and certainly didn't have time nor inclination to study what was showing in the opening in the upside down box lid. Was it crumpled paper?, fabric? a sock?, who knows!? So..... the age old rule kicks in... just paint what you see, regardless of what it might be.... so that's what I do when I quilt also.
3 values of grey thread are used.. a dark charcoal, a mid value grey, and a almost white/silvery grey.
Someone once asked how to paint water. I responded similarly. DON'T PAINT WATER! Instead bit by bit...paint what you see. That helps remove the natural fears that come with the idea of painting something so unfamiliar. The does however call for us to really SEE. STUDY the 'thing' so that you really can paint what you truly SEE!

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