Friday, September 17, 2010

Attaching straps!

Continuing from previous post:

Step 1 Adding strap end covers
To be done on both ends of each bag strap:
a) fold a 2 1/2 inch square (cut in the previous posting) in half... wrong sides together. Press!
b) Center the raw edge of this piece aligned with the raw edge end of a strap... and stitch 1/4 from edge.

Step 2 Folding and pinning strap end covers
To be done on both ends of each strap:
a) Flip the folded over/stitched fabric piece away from the strap end and press.
b) Fold the raw edges that extend beyond the strap sides to the back side and pin edges to hold. Here's 2 strap ends showing both front and back views.

Step 3 Marking bag for placement of straps
a) On top edge of the inside of the bag 'placemats'... mark about 5" in from outside edges.

Step 4 Stitching straps to bag
Center the strap end centered on and covering the 5" mark as shown and stitch to bag .. stitching the folded fabric piece side to side 2 to 3 times plus vertically at least once each side. Note : the webbing side of the strap faces the previous mark which is on the inside of the bag.

Now.. its a matter of putting the 2 placemats together and we'll be done. Next posting.

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