Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Heading South but here's some hints for the day

Hi all.... am visiting El Camino Guild for a couple days but thought I'd prepare a post of a few hints I noted as I work on the Naval Aviation piece.
1... When winding monofilament on a bobbin..... try:
a. winding slower than normal to minimize stretching and later potential for breakage.
b. fill only 2/3 to 3/4 full.... i.e. see air between the edge of the wound thread and the bobbin winder stop. Filling it all the way full will make it difficult to get in the bobbin case.

2. If you have trouble loading and guiding lead monofilament thread into your bobbin case.. try this:
a. Hold the thread filled bobbin in your hand while you 'thread' the bobbin case with your other hand
b. Rewind the few inches of bobbin thread onto the bobbin and then drop the bobbin in with the thread already 'threaded' in step 1

3. a. What do you do with pin holes that don't go away???
b. Mist them with clear water. The holes will 'plump' up and diminish!
I feel like "Hints from Heloise" Happy quilting!

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