Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who Took The Dog Out??!!

Sorry if the title makes no sense.... I just keep hearing the song of the same name and it relates to what we are doing here. The ORIGINAL photo had the dog on a hardwood floor. When Dale and I talked about how much this dog gets outdoors and so loves it, we decided to put him on grass. So this is a start. First, I often use a transparent paint to brush in big loose backgrounds and a whole lawn qualifies so we've mixed up a color of green for a background 'wash' ( sorry .. wash is a watercolor technique). It goes fast but one must be very careful watching for possible bleeding of color into existing painted images.. I keep an iron on ( for big stops if bleeding gets out of control).... but 99% of the time will use an air dryer, or hair dryer to slow the movement of wet pigment.

Following the 'wash', Dale used a darker green ink and a rubbing plate to quickly get in some grasslike background. This is looking pretty good. Next effort, using a different rubbing plate , we will add some additional texture in the 'grass'. The added inking will add interest and unify the background .

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