Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We are blessed to be able to give back

I know I am a lucky woman for many reasons...1) to live in a country with freedom, 2) to be loved by my family and friends and most importantly by God, 3) to have a place to live right in nature's cradle, 4) to know and love artistic expression... and on and on. A little syrup sounding I know. With all this good fortune, we are asked to give back to those less fortunate. There are so many ways to give back. This weekend, The Shepard's Pantry ( www.shepardspantry.com), a Glendora, California food bank, is holding a fundraiser to support their efforts. I thought... why not donate my artistic services? So one silent auction winner will get a 16 x 20 pastel portrait of the image of their choosing...i.e. their family pet, a family member, or whomever they wish. Example here is an earlier portrait of grandson Max.

Click for closeup.

This should be a great silent auction as many other great items are on the block. I'm also placing for bid Thomas Kinkade's
"Garden of Prayer" framed lithograph. It's gorgeous! Now to get these items delivered to organizers.

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