Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Color Everywhere

Typing this intro at sea via satellite in slower than dialup mode. Egads... this is slow and costly. Having fun out here tho. Happy Quilting
While I'm traveling it will be a challenge to get pictures uploaded to the web.... so I'm planning in advance a bit of a color class on line. What appears can be used in reference to fabric color AND thread color. First...a color wheel for general reference.
You ofcourse note there are no neutrals or black shown on this wheel. Mixtures of other colors that do appear on the wheel make up a variety of neutrals.
DID YOU KNOW that complimentary colors mixed together make a brownish neutral? What I'm showing here was done with approximately equal parts of textile ink.

With this knowledge one might use a complimentary color thread to perhaps downplay a fabric that seemed perfect when chosen, but a little stronger than desired when the entire top was complete. Just playing with thread alone... note where the two compliments cross over each other.... that crossover area is dulled down a bit, further supporting the neautralizing effect of mixed compliments.

When dealing with thread atop fabric.... it's pretty much the same value ( color intensity) that tones down whats underneath. Darker and lighter values have a different effect and we'll see that in a subsequent post! Happy Quilting all!

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