Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We love Jambo!!!

This piece ( at least the painted part) is just about done. A total of 7 hrs is all this took to paint across a few days.... Our goal now is to let the painted background dry ( it's damp still) and see if any little touch up is needed here or there. We have figured out that while we had his nose looking just like the 'head shot' photo we started with, it wasn't just like reality so we tweaked him a bit after looking a bunch of photo pics on the web. This underscores the critical nature of photo quality. His original head shot was in some shadow. I always say, I can only paint what I can see. I think we are on the right track now! We've already darkened the front of his nose since we took this photo. NICE DOG!!!!!
Dale looks pretty pleased! :-) Great job!!!!!

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