Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Powerpoint is your friend!

Yesterday... I was busy getting the Corsair quilt designed for a U S Navy Fundraiser submitted to http://www.navyquilts.com. I mention the site because there is still time for you to participate if interested. (You don't have to donate your quilt... It's an option). Documenting the history/creation of a piece is important so I make a label that includes such info.... example: a photo, an artist's statement, info on materials, and contact info on the artist.

Powerpoint is a remarkably flexible program and it is 'perfect' for designing and printing a single slide as a quilt label.
Here's a photo of the label attached to the back of "The Incredible Corsair!"
Double Click on photo for closeup view. I print my 'slide' label on fabric as an 8 x 10. I also save the powerpoint label file as my own documented history of the finished piece. Happy Quilting!

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