Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Artful Playmates Creativity

The work this year at my "Painted Quilt Art (Apr 1-4) retreat is WONDERFUL! Look at some of the in progress work. I am so pleased and again, what a fun group! Most attendees have already signed up for next years retreat too. Historically, I've done 1 retreat each spring.. though this year it will be 2 by request. Maybe this will have to become 2 a year. We'll see. Some work follows and more to be added in future posts.

Look at beautiful Noel, the daughter of friend Janmarie Halliday. Eye shadowing and clothing 'stripes' await completion but..... look at this beauty! The original photo from which this was done was taken in sharp shadows. With Noels pale white skin tones , this was quite a portrait challenge in severe contrasts.
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Here, meet "Chaos", the 'lapdog' of Emily Tate of Washington state. "Chaos" is well over 200 lbs.... Emily is less than half that I suspect. This is Emily's first ever painting project. YEAH! Emily is a fearless woman.

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Terri Hunt of Apple Valley, Ca is working on a project that inludes the eyes of several animals. Her second in her series is this 'baby tiger's eyes. Pretty cute 'lil guy, eh?
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