Monday, April 18, 2011

Planning The Quilt Line

When Marguerite Sawyer completed this painting, she asked we create a quilting plan for her piece.
We laid a piece of clear heavy mylar plastic over her painted top ( you could easily use tracing paper or clear plastic tablecloth material) and then drew a quilt plan atop the plastic. I used a dry erase marker on mylar ( you could use dry erase on clear tablecloth plastic too or even colored pencils on tracing paper.)
Once the plan is created, one can position it as a reference next to your quilting machine as you prepare to start the quilting process
This piece is fairly small so we would be able to quilt a little looser in some areas. Remember though, generally, if you quilt densely in one area, the same should be true in all areas.... or the wrinkle in the rug effect takes place

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