Friday, April 15, 2011

On The Shore

I had yet another great photographer having photographed her own source photo of a sea turtle having just come ashore. Sandy Jones of Southern California took her time and really looked at her photo as she interpreted this guy in ink on cotton, Way to go Sandy!
I've long said, this type of painting is less about painting and drawing as it is about seeing. I don't really care as much about students directly interpreting their source image as I care about everyone slowing down their eyes and really seeing what is going on both in the source photo and on the textile surface. IF a artist chooses to do something different on purpose... I'm good with that. I just revere informed decision making. Crimanee, that might not sound like a really creative artist speaking here.... but what you paint is really all about choice anyway.

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Laura T said...

I love seeing the progress of other quilters and trying new mediums. I love sea turtles!
Laura T