Thursday, April 21, 2011

Up with Sawyersville!

A work in progress by family matriarch Marguerite Sawyer .... a closeup of storm trooper grandson ( He loves/lives Star Wars as a storm trooper) posed on the 2 sun planet of Tatooeen ( I'm sure I mispelled that one)
The storm troopers Mom.. Rachel is moving at an incredible clip in producing paintings ( well... after all, how often does a young Mom get time away from family responsibilities so she is making her time productive)

Rachel challenged herself to do sometime soft toned/ subtle.

The most simple one.. (above) was a big challenge . Secondly came a stronger value oversized poppy

Rachels final of 3 projects set her 'fairy-winged" daughter as a flower center, and dang.... I can't find that photo at all. I told Rachel, she is fearless... all true.

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